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Opti 2

For experienced Opti sailors building on their skills; participation is determined by coaches upon review of sailing skills on the water. Appropriate for ages 10–15

The 2's class builds on the 1’s mastery of the basic skills of sailing. Admittance in the 2’s class is based on their ability and performance in Opti 1’s (and/or their boat-handling skills in the JP of 2010), and demonstration of adequate swimming skills for safety purposes. Participants will work on developing advanced sailing skills, continue developing their tennis skills, and participate in swimming. A 2 sailor will be able to rig and de-rig and Opti independently, master basic knots, be held to a high standard of boat care and storage while making minor repairs, and a strong understanding of the parts of the boat and sail and their effects on powering and depowering the boat. Sailors in the 2’s will have a constant awareness of the wind, be able to trim for different points of sail and conditions, have an awareness of body position relative to wind and wave conditions, and consistently use tiller extension. The 2’s will make controlled gybes in medium to high wind, tack without falling-off the breeze, sail in and out of the river independently, land on docks or instructor’s motor boat safely, and have a basic understanding of the Rules of the Road. Participants could join in local racing, such as River Racing and Bay Series, if determined appropriate by coaches.

Tennis skills will focus on the mastery basics of forehand, back hand, service and scoring. Players will start to develop consistency and overall game play, and will be encouraged to compete in junior or senior division of the parent/child tournaments. Experienced players will also develop more consistent singles and double strategy, will compete on a regular basis via a class ladder and will be encouraged to participate in interclub matches and join Monday Night Teen Tennis if appropriate.

Opti 2 Schedule

Monday through Wednesday, 9:00 am–2:30 pm
Swimming 9:00–10:00 am
Tennis 10:00 am–11:00 am

11:00–11:30 am


11:30–2:30 pm

Swimming 10:00-11:00 am
Tennis 11:00–11:40 am

11:40–12:00 pm


12:00-2:30 pm



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