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Junior Program Objectives

The AYC Junior Program has had a long standing mission statement. As a result of our members’ survey, we found that the mission statement as it previously existed was generally well suited to members’ desires for the program. However, based on member input we have added a point related to “community”. The updated Mission Statement for the Junior Program is to:

  • Instill in children a love for sailing and the sea, an ease and confidence in handling of boats and enjoying waterfront recreation,
  • Teach and develop basic swimming and water safety skills and abilities necessary for Program activities,
  • Promote an awareness and observance of safety principles, equipment care and maintenance, and sportsmanship in all phases of seamanship,
  • Develop racing skills and an aptitude for competitive sailing, according to interest and ability,
  • Introduce children to tennis and develop their skills according to their interest and ability,
  • Inspire respect for the outdoors, for sport, and for sportsmanship as a way of life, and
  • Provide an opportunity for children to develop a broader sense of community.
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