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Rules and Regulations

In accordance with the By Laws of the Annisquam Yacht Club, the Board of Governors has established the following Rules & Regulations governing membership rights and responsibilities. These Rules & Regulations are subject to periodic revision and members are encouraged to review them with the Board of Governors.


The objectives of the AYC STP Junior Program are to:

  • Instill in children a love for sailing and the sea, and an ease and confidence in handling of boats and enjoying waterfront recreation
  • Teach and develop basic swimming and water safety skills and abilities necessary for Program activities
  • Promote an awareness and observance of safety principles, equipment care and maintenance, and sportsmanship in all phases of seamanship
  • Develop racing skills and an aptitude for competitive sailing, according to interest and ability
  • Introduce children to tennis and develop their skills according to their interest and ability
  • Inspire respect for the outdoors, for sport, and for sportsmanship as a way of life.
  • Provide an opportunity for children to develop a broader sense of community.

Organization: The AYC STP provides sailing, tennis, and swimming education to children 5-18 years of age.  The AYC STP Junior Program is organized for charitable and educational purposes within the meaning of Section 501(c)(3) of the IRC of 1986.

Eligibility: The AYC STP is open to children of the appropriate age and requisite skills.  Members, and parents or guardians of non-member participants are responsible for the conduct of and all liabilities incurred by that child/participant.   Continued participation in the program is subject to each participant following the rules of the AYC STP as interpreted by the Program Director, subject to review by the AYC STP Governor.

Application and Acceptance: All candidates interested in participation must complete all application forms and submit them to the General Manager or AYC STP Director by June 1.  Acceptance into the AYC STP will be made based on several factors, including availability, skills, prior applicable experience and prior experience with the program. Please note any applications received after June 1st will be subject to space available in the AYC STP.

Enrollment Periods: The AYC STP will run for 2 four-week sessions commencing on Monday, June 27, 2016. Each semester is further divided into 2 two week sessions to provide flexibility for participants’ families, should that be needed.  Note that there are minimum participation requirements for enrollment, as follows: Minimum enrollment for the Under 8 program is participation in at least 1 two-week session.  Minimum enrollment for the other sections of the AYC STP is participation in at least four consecutive weeks (2 two-week sessions in any consecutive combination).  Minimum enrollment for Opti Racing or 420 Racing is for a full season. Because staffing commitments must be made based on enrollment, AYC STPs enrollment fees are non-refundable.

Boat Use and Boat Credits:  Participants in the AYC STP sail Optimist Dinghies, O’Pen Bics and 420’s. Parents of these children are encouraged to own appropriate sailboats and to make them available for use by the AYC STP.  Boat ownership by participants or their families is critical to the success of the AYC STP and is the only way that a parent or guardian can make absolutely sure that his or her child will have a boat to sail in area regattas and the Club’s weekend and evening racing events.

The Club compensates members who make their boats available to the AYC STP with priority status for the limited storage spots on the front float, a “storage credit”.  Prior to the commencement of the first AYC STP session, the AYC STP Director and Coaches inspect each boat and, if its condition is acceptable or better, approves it for use in the Program.  Owners of approved boats are not billed for storage and receive a boat credit. Credits for partial sessions will be prorated.

Boat Use by the AYC STP: To operate a successful sailing program, it is essential that families enter their Optis, and 420’s into the program. The AYC STP takes responsibility for repair of any unusual damage that occurs while the boats are used by the program but not for normal “wear and tear”. A full analysis of the condition of each boat is made by the Program staff before the season (and after) the boats are used. It is important to realize, though, that even under the best conditions any sailboat used by anyone will receive some degree of wear and tear. It is not reasonable to expect the Program to repair every ding or scratch that might have occurred during the summer under normal operating conditions.

Members are encouraged to make use of their boats when the Program is not in session.  If scheduling permits, the AYC STP Director may make a boat available to its owner for use during Program hours.

Regatta Participation: Participation in sailing events sponsored by other clubs and organizations is encouraged. However, the AYC STP assumes no responsibility for such participation. Parents are solely responsible for all aspects of their child's involvement in these events, including enrollment, transportation, housing and supervision. Exceptions, if any, to this policy will be announced in advance of the event by the Program Director.

Owners of boats in use by the Program may arrange with the Program Director to borrow their boat for a Regatta. Boats will be released only to their owners. Members loaning their boat for use by the child of another family must clarify issues of insurance and responsibility for damage directly with the family to which the boat is being loaned. The Club assumes no liabilities while the boat is outside the direct control of the Program.

Swimming: All AYC STP participants must be able to pass the swim test as prescribed by the Program as a condition of enrollment.

Policies:  Camp policies are available for review upon request, and are subject to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Minimum Standards for Recreational Camps, Chapter 105 CMR 430.000.

NOTE: In accordance with Massachusetts state law, and to ensure both the safety of the campers and highest quality staff, the Annisquam Yacht Club performs background checks on all program staff each year. Our full policies on background checks are available upon request.


Under 8 participants ages 5, 6 and 7 receive tennis and swimming instruction. This program will run mornings Monday through Wednesday from 9:00 to 11:30am. Participants will take tennis lessons and participate in other age-appropriate activities.

2016 Under 8 Enrollment Fees

Minimum One 2-week Session: $320

Full Season:                              $1250

Under 8 Sailing

Introductory Sailing Lessons - to get younger children comfortable on the water. Under 8 sailors will be in a boat with an instructor to begin to learn the basics of sailing under close supervision.  Classes meet Thursday’s, 9am – 11:30am.

Each Thursday session can be signed up for individually. Cost will be $40 per Thursday.


AYC STP participants receive sailing, tennis and swimming instruction based on their skill and interest.  Swimming is a required part of the curriculum until a participant sufficiently demonstrates their ability to meet minimum safety guidelines.

Please refer to the AYC STP outline available at the AYC website under the AYC STP tab, or available in hard copy at the Front Desk for a more detailed description of the program sections.  Periodic communications will be made by the Program Director to participants and their parents. Participants in the AYC STP shall be age 8 on or before September 1 (or entering third grade).

Participation in a JP section will be determined by a participant’s interest and an assessment of their skill by the Program’s Coaches.  Participant’s progress will be reviewed at the end of each two-week session for consideration of section changes.  The sections are:

Opti 1: (appropriate for ages 8 to 15): Opti 1 will focus on the basics of sailing for beginners up to sailors who can tack and gybe in complete control in winds up to 10 knots.  Will focus on making sailing fun while staying safe, learning boat parts, rigging, points of sail, body position, boat handling, capsizing, docking, basic navigation and seamanship. Tennis and swimming are integral parts of this section.  Schedule runs Monday through Thursdays 9:00 am until 3:30 pm.

Opti 2: (appropriate for ages 10 to 15): Opti 2 will build on mastery of Opti 1, develop advanced sailing skills which will include being able to rig and de-rig an Opti independently, master basic knots, be held to a high standard of boat care, and a clear understanding of how to power and de-power under varying conditions.  Sailors will learn to have a constant awareness of wind, body position and be able to use a tiller extension.  May join in local racing if interested and approved by coaches.  Tennis is an integral component of this section.  Swimming will only be required if determined necessary to meet safety skill expectation.  Schedule runs Monday through Thursday from 9 am until 3:30 pm.

420-1: (appropriate for ages 13 to 16): 420-1 will build on the mastery of basic skills, but in a two-person sloop design boat and admittance is based on ability and performance in Opti 2’s or Opti Racing. Although this class may have participants who are interested in participating in local regattas; the focus of the class is to continue to develop a passion for recreational sailing and the sea. Curriculum will include non-sailing oriented sessions and educational experiences. The 420’s would not participate in the frequent regattas planned for the 420 Racing program. Tennis, if elected, has two options: Stroke Development or Advanced Tennis Drills for our more advanced players. 420-1 tennis players will be encouraged to compete in senior division of the parents’ tournament, and to play matches in the Friday afternoon Interclub competitions, and to join Monday Night Teen Tennis. Schedule runs Monday through Friday from 11:30am until 5:00 pm.

Opti Racing (appropriate for ages 10 to 15) and 420 Racing: (appropriate for ages 14 to 18): Participation in Race Teams is available for participants that have demonstrated the skills necessary to participate in an advanced racing program and who have been accepted for admission by the Program Director and Coaches. Candidates may apply and admission deferred by the Director and Coaches. This course will focus on boat handling, racing rules, tactics and strategy.  Sailors are encouraged to participate in all local regattas and travel regattas during the program time. Advanced level coaching will focus on understanding and practicing racing rules, specific racing tactics, mark rounding, currents, wind shifts and team racing.  Participants must commit to full season participation. Tennis, if elected, has two options: Stroke Development or Advanced Tennis Drills for our more advanced players. Racing tennis players will be encouraged to compete in senior division of the parents’ tournament, and to play matches in the Friday afternoon Interclub competitions, and to join Monday Night Teen Tennis. Schedule runs Monday through Friday from 11:30 am until 5:00 pm.

Advanced Tennis Drills & Stroke Development: The tennis classes for Opti Racer, 420-1, and 420 Racers will be divided into two separate classes: Advanced Drills, and Stroke Development.


To better foster the communal nature of the AYC STP, lunch is provided as part of the tuition and participants are expected to attend the lunch session with their respective class. Daily offerings will be from the AYC’s Snack Bar. Primary lunch meal is covered by the Junior Program tuition but other food or beverage purchases will be the responsibility of the Junior Program participant’s member’s account.

2016 AYC STP Program Enrollment Fees

Minimum 2

Two-Week  Sessions

Full Season

Opti 1



Opti 2






Opti Racers



420 Racers




This four-day Safety & Certification Course will be offered occasionally throughout the summer. Upon successful completion, participants will receive US Sailing Safe Powerboating Certificate (NASBLA approved), and MA State Boating Education Certificate. Eligibility: No experience is required, but participants must be at least 12 years of age. Cost: $350 for members and $450 for non-members.


Members of the AJYC participate in a variety of supervised social activities. Governance of the AJYC will be made by Junior Flag Officers and a Junior Board of Governors elected by the AJYC membership and endorsed by the AYC Flag Officers. Members of the AJYC shall be children or grandchildren of members, age 13 on or before September 1 (or entering eighth grade) to age 18.




*Early registration and payments must be received by May 1

Illness and Emergency Health Care Policy

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