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Junior Program 2016


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Annisquam YC Junior Program web page!

Best Wishes to all our juniors for a fantastic summer on water and on the courts!








Previous Year's Awards

2015 AYC STP Awards HERE

2014 AYC STP Awards Here



AYC-STP 2013 Prize Night

Swimming Awards

Opti-1 Most Improved: Will Andrew

Opti-1 Best Boy: Mac Trotman

Opti-1 Best Girl: Kealy Satterfield

Opti-2 Most Improved: Kyle Watts

Opti-2 Best Boy: Jamie Gabbay

Opti-2 Best Girl: Eloise Burtis

Tennis Awards

Opti 1&2 Most Improved: Kyle Watts

Opti1&2 Best Boy: Jack Delaney

Opti 1&2 Best Girl: Miranda Ripley

Opti 1&2 Sportsmanship: Jay Maher

Opti Racing Most Improved: Luke Quine

Opti Racing Best Boy: Will McHugh

Opti Racing Best Girl: Ava Trotman

Opti Race Sportsmanship: Malcolm Steegstra

Teen Top Boy: Sam Denney

Teen Top Girl: Hannah Piispanen

AYC Tennis Most Improved: Ryan Feeley

AYC Tennis Sportsmanship: Theo Burtis

Marjorie Osgood Ross Trophy  – Alyson Feeley

Stephen B Ross Trophy - Matty Egan

Sailing Awards

Opti 1&2 Most Improved: Matthew Taormina

Opti 1&2 Seamanship: Liam Doherty

Opti 1&2 Best Boy: Jamie Gabbay

Opti 1&2 Best Girl: Eloise Burtis

Most Adventurous Camper: Rachel Denney

US Sailing Sportsmanship: Matty Egan

Opti Best Racer – Will McHugh

Opti Coaches Award – Natalie Fay

420 Race Best Skipper – Peter Thibodeau

420 Race Best Crew  - Grace Papp

420 Race Coaches Award – Ben MacShane

Peter Trophy – Luke Quine

Parks Trophy – Jared Gilman

Floyd Trophy  - Mac Trotman

Bentley Trophy  – Malcolm Steegstra

Best All Around Camper – Matty Egan



2012 Award Winners - AYCJP


Best All Around Camper - Jamie Gabbay

Floyd Trophy - Theo Burtis

Peter Trophy - Ryan MacLaughlin

Parks Trophy - Ben MacShane

US Sailing Sportsmanship - Ted Moskal

Opti 1&2 Most Improved - Harry Taussig

Opti 1&2 Best Boy - William Robson

Opti 1&2 Best Girl - Ava Trotman

Opti 1&2 Seamanship - Natalie Fay

Most Adventurous Camper - Aiden Flaherty

Opti Race - Best Racer - Jared Gilman

Opti Race - Coaches Award - Luke Quine

420 Race Team - Best Skipper - Peter Remsen

420 Race Team - Best Crew - Grace Papp

420 Race Team - Coaches Award - Peter Thibodeau


Marjorie Osgood Trophy - Cate Delaney

Stephen B Ross Trophy - Sam Denney

Opti 1&2 Most Improved -Rose Trotman

Opti 1&2 Best Boy - Harry Taussig

Opti 1&2 Best Girl - Abby Raimondi

Opti 1&2 Sportsmanship - Kyle Watts

Opti Racing Tennis - Most Improved - Johnny Andrew

Opti Racing Tennis - Best Boy - Will McHugh

Opti Racing Tennis - Best Girl - Emily Ryan

Opti Race Team – Sportsmanship - Ryan Feeley

Teen Tennis - Top Boy - Peter Thibodeau

AYC Tennis Most Improved - Matt Egan

AYC Tennis Sportmanship - Eric Raimondi


Opti 1 Most Improved - Teddy Taussig

Opti 1 Best Boy - Jay Maher

Opti 1 Best Girl - Sophie Quine

Opti 2 Most Improved - Alyson Feeley

Opti 2 Best Boy - Aiden Flaherty

Opti 2 Best Girl - Natalie Fay


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